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Car Window

Car Window


Hey guys,


Today I wanted to share a poem I’ve been working on. I had a thought recently about the very essence of riding in a car, and how much that has changed for me since I was a little boy. This poem is a translation of that thought’s conclusion. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


Car Window


Gazing through to the world beyond,

The glass window, ever beside you,

Cruising down the winding asphalt,

Hills and plains rolling gently past.


Shifting focus to sights nearby,

A patch of grass, by the roadside,

A branching tree, atop the green.

At last, you draw them into view,

Out of the constant blur of speed,

Reaching out to them with your eyes,

A lone moment of clarity,

Before they’re gone, swept behind you.


Your gaze drifts into the distance,

Houses clustered, etching the bluffs,

Faraway mountains, standing tall,

Massive cities, sprawling and bright.

Passing slowly, distant landmarks,

As if you were barely moving.


Riding up familiar roadways,

Fingers tracing along the glass,

On the cold, wintry weather days.

Every bump and turn, routine,

The daily trip you know so well.

New, unknown routes still excite you,

Concrete webbed for thousands of miles,

Skirting peaks and dodging water.


Years pass, your position changes,

Passenger to watchful driver,

Your gaze forward, the road ahead,

Fewer moments to peer aside,

Allowing your mind to wander,

And take in the beautiful view.


But when you do, so seldom now,

You recall that soothing feeling,

The world passing, both fast and slow.



Too Real

Day 3488


Hello again! Today I thought I’d share a poem that I finished recently, inspired by a persistent thought that hit me last week. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Too Real

Some dreams are just too real
Waking up, not knowing what to feel.
Sweaty and confused, lying in bed,
Wild thoughts swirling ’round your head.

Your mind sifts the thoughts in two
piles, forming the halves of you.
One on the left and one on the right,
Your eyes sting with the morning bite.

One pile for dream and one pile for real,
separating truth from subconscious ideal.
Rebooting the person of yesterday, waking,
a long day of work and drudge in the making.

But what if, just once, your mind sorted wrong?
Would you notice what hadn’t been you all along?
What if a bit of the real you was lost,
replaced by the dream you that should have been tossed?
How would you get it back, and at what cost?

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The Refuge

Day 3258

photo (7)

This is a poem I wrote over the last few days about the haven and strength of dreams. Hope you enjoy 🙂



The Refuge


Dream of the things you cannot see.
Dream of the things you long to be.
Imagine worlds of infinite wonder.
Visit them within your slumber.

Craft new lives inside your mind.
Leave your earthly troubles behind.
Treasure the moments that bring new meaning.
Even beyond the light’s first gleaming.

Explore the vistas of impossible places,
With limitless characters of varying faces.
Hold dear to the visions that make you feel,
Like nothing else could be so real.

These lives of marvel, they’re no less true,
Than any other you ever knew.
Seek them out for comfort and aid,
Whenever the light begins to fade.

And if your worlds grow scary and dark,
Poisoned by all the lonesome and stark,
Remember always, you’re so much more,
From a thousand lives in nights before.
Just draw your sword beyond its sheath,
And dreams will rush to your relief.

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Day 3164

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 6.45.39 PM


This poem is based on a dream I had two and a half years ago, and which remains one of my favorites to this day.




Your tousled locks rest upon my shoulder,

I smile, recalling a glance of smolder.

The car around continues to lumber,

As you rest calmly, draped in slumber.


Where we’re headed, I could not say,

But on this aimless trip today,

Your gentle fingers gracing mine,

The slightest touch feels so sublime.


It matters little where we’re headed,

Cruising on this tank, unleaded,

These simple moments of eternal bliss,

Echo longer than any kiss.


And as you awaken, I steal a glance,

Reminded of every ballad and romance,

The lights in your eyes, they shine so bright,

Brilliant flutters, dancing in the moonlight.

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Day 3083






Do you remember

the subtle way

that laughter grows

and children play?


Will you forget

the fallen tree,

that led you here,

so light and free?


Have you chosen

the wayward path,

or do you suffer

an empty wrath?


Do you fear

long bygone days,

or is your road

lost in the haze?